Have you ever been working on a document and you have needed to refer to either 'his', 'her' or 'their',  throughout the document. Well, I have good news... you can do this by using the token tool! 

All you need to do is ask the person's gender once. You can do this by creating a multi choice question (if you don't know how to do this yet click HERE)

Next add a token to each branch as shown below. 

Each token needs to be labeled exactly the same BUT the value for each token should match the answer. As shown below the label for each token is he/she/they. The value on the 'male' branch is he, while the value on the 'female' branch is she and the value on the 'other' branch is they. 

You can repeat the above to create tokens for his/her/their or any other variation you want. 

Your token(s) will show on the left hand side of the page when editing a point:

When you select this token it will put either he, she or they into your document depending on what gender the user selected. 

You can now use these tokens throughout your entire document! 

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