Multi-choice questions are handy for creating a user friendly interview (minimising the typing required by your customer) and allowing for different text or options appearing in the document output.

The most common multi-choice question is of course a Yes/No question. We will start by learning how to create a Yes/No question of these in just two easy steps!

  1. The first step is to create a Question point. You can do this by selecting 'Add' and the question mark symbol labeled 'Question'. A Question and Answer point will be created. 

  2. The second step is to click your Question point and select 'Add' and then 'Answer' to create a second Answer branch.  Alternatively you can select the Answer point, click 'Add' and select 'Answer' on the left hand side of the Answer point. 

When labeling your Answer points, remember the answer value is what you will see in your output if you using the token. While the Answer label is what users will see in the interview.

You can create as many multi choice Answers as you want by following step 2 above again. 

NOTE: You will need to jump back to your main points when using multi-choice questions or your document will come to an end. 

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