Here is a list of all the Special Tokens we have to date:

You can use these tokens by creating a paragraph point containing only the Special Token

For example:

Page Break
This will start a new page.

<<<IMAGE-100>>>(Followed by URL Special Token)
First make a Token at the beginning of your Flow containing the full URL to the Image (including https://).  Then add that Token wherever you want the image added to the Output Point, with <<<IMAGE-100>>> in front of it.  This will insert an image into the Output (document created by the Bot), and scales the image's width to 100% of the available space after accounting for Left and Right Margins.  You can use this in Table Cells as well as in Paragraphs, just be aware that the percentage size is also based on a percentage of the width of the page less the margins, so it can "blow out" the Table Cell if you are not careful.  So if a table has 3 even columns, start with something like
<<<IMAGE-33>>>  Also note that you can use the same URL Special Token as many times as you like.

Format Numbering Levels
The <<<RESET|levels|font|>>>
This is a 100% customisable numbering reset. Provide the pipes with comma-separated pairs of settings.  The first item in each pair contains the type of counter to use (decimal, upperLetter, lowerLetter, upperRoman, lowerRoman) and the second item is the format - for each level you wish to include, use the % and the depth (%1 is the top level) surrounded by whatever formatting you wish (eg fullstops, brackets).
This particular Special Token has it's own article.

Up One Level
Brings the indentation back a level (can be used before Paragraph Points). You can learn more about this feature HERE.

Creates a line that goes across the page. 

Slim Line
Creates a slim line that goes across the page with less space than the line above.

Inserts your logo into your document (must be PNG format). 


Formats your document into two columns.

Ends column formatting.

Slimline for Columns

Single Witness Block
Creates a Single Witness Block which looks like this:

Double Witness Block
Creates a double witness block which looks like this:

Single Signature Block

Creates one signature line. You must include a token.
E.g. this:

Creates this:

Double Signature Block
Creates two signature lines next to each other. 

This one is extra special because you can also include Tokens.

E.g This:

Creates this:

Title Band
<<<TITLEBAND>>>[Your Title Here]
Creates two lines across the page with text in between. Here's an example of this special token in use:

Note: Your title must be in a Token.

You just use the text including the <<<>>> in the Output Point and it gets replaced. 

Numbering Reset
Resets alphabetical numbering back to "a"

Resets bracketed numerals back to (1)

Resets numbers back to 1



These Tokens are not created using a Paragraph Point. They are created using the Token point.

  1. Select the Token Point

  2. Label the Token

  3. Write the text for the Special Token in the body of the Token, e.g. |||LINEBREAK|||

  4. Use your Token throughout your flow!


|||LINEBREAK||| creates a Linebreak within a paragraph, which means the paragraph spacing is not included. If you wish the spacing to be closer, then you need to use Linebreaks. Please note, Linebreaks do not work with Section/Header points.

Here is an Output example using paragraph spacing (i.e. a series of Paragraph Points) only:

Using Linebreaks the line spacing is closer.


|||DATE||| inserts today’s date in the format: 08-10-2018

|||DATE2||| inserts today’s date in the format:  8 October 2018

|||DATE3||| inserts today’s date in the format:  08/10/2018

|||DATE4||| inserts today’s date in the format:  8th of October 2018

Modifying case

|||MODIFYUPPERCASE||| the next Token is uppercase

|||MODIFYTITLECASE||| the next Token is Title Case


|||SPAN-2||| this spans this number of cells horizontally

|||JOINROWGROUP||| use this in each subsequent cell you want grouped with the current group

|||STARTROWGROUP||| use this in the first cell you want to group with ones below it.


|||BULLET||| token, when placed before text, creates a bullet point before that text in the Output.

Here is an Output example using the bullet Token:

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