There have always been 2 ways to run an Interview in Automio: PREVIEW and START (I am not shouting, the buttons themselves are all caps :)

The Problem

PREVIEW was only ever meant for Authors - those Automio users who make bots, not just use them - to test their Bots and make sure they worked as intended.  It was a bit slow - you had to type in every answer to every question, and you had to click twice for every multiple choice (the option and then NEXT).

The Solution

With the release of our newest version of Automio, "Need For Speed", we have made this process a snap.  It's now called TEST, and it doesn't even require you to touch your keyboard.  Answers that Interviewees will type when they are using the Bot for real are automatically pre-filled with the Question Label that the Author assigned during Authoring.  This means you only have to click the Answer box - no typing required.  Combined with the new "Comments" feature that highlights Typed answers, this also means that "debugging" your Bot's Output is easier than ever.  You can instantly see these throughout the document, and identify which Question it came from.

This is super important : Interviews that are STARTed rather than TESTed obviously don't pre-fill answers - they still take input from the Interviewee.

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