Themes allow you to set Font and Font Size across a document, which is really great for consistency.  But sometimes you really want to give something a different look, especially when creating eye-popping Cover Pages.

That's why we have two Special Tokens, one for Font Face (the name of the font) and another for Font Size.

Let's say you want to make a Big Title for your first page that is in Comic Sans and sized 35.  Create a Token Point at the beginning of your Flow, label it Comic Sans, and give it this value:

|||FONT-Comic Sans|||

Then put that Token (which will be Orange and labelled Comic Sans) into any Paragraph, Section, or Table Cell Point's Body.  The entire Paragraph/Numbered Section/Table Cell will be in Comic Sans.

Next make another Token at the beginning of the Flow and Label it either 35 or Big, whatever makes sense to you, and give it this value:


Drop it into the same Point's Body and bam!  You have a big, Comic Sans text.

(Comic Sans not recommended :)

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