Section Numbering is super powerful, flexible, and easy in Automio.  You can use any numbering system you like, and restart the Numbering as many times in the document as needed, each with its own formatting.

But because output is entirely dynamic, you don't always know the number of a particular Section (Clause) when Authoring a bot.  That's where Section Tokens come in. 

Let's say you want to add a Reference to a particular Section in a Paragraph.  Edit the Paragraph Point and you will see a group of Tokens on the left labelled "Sections".  Click to expand it, and you will see all the Sections that have been created.  Drag or click one into your Body content, and when it is time for output, it will create the reference as a Field that updates like other fields whenever edits are made.

It's that simple - just remember to put "Clause" or "Clause #" or whatever format you wish in front of the Section Token so that it says "Clause 1.2(d)" - the Token only contains the 1.2(d) part.

Happy referencing!

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