Sometimes you want to receive a simple document that lets you know the answers your Client provided when they completed an interview. 

The Information Sheet Output Option creates this with every Interview, whether it's the only intended Output or the Interview also creates a customised word document.

How it works

The basics

The  Info Sheet takes the question Labels (that you create for your Question Points, add's a colon and then the answer given by the Client. For example, when I answer a question labeled "First Name" - the Info Sheet would look like this:

First Name: Tim

Where can it be found

When an Interview is completed, the  Information Sheet Output Option will be emailed to you and it will be available inside your Organisation's history.

If you are completing the Interview, then you will be able to download the Info Sheet immediately on completion. 

A few key points

  • It only contains the questions that the Client answered in their unique interview.

  • Answers that have been entered into a pack are included. This is indicated by an "indent" in the Info Sheet.

  • It is only created when click 'Start', this is where the Client enters answers in the Interview.

  • Your Client will never receive the Info Sheet or be able to download it, this is only made available to you or your team members.

How you enable an Info Sheet

  1. Select the Bot in your Dashboard.

  2. Navigate to it's Publishing Tab and make sure a publishing option is selected.

  3. Scroll down to the Output options section.

  4. Enable the Include Information Sheet Output option.

Making sure it works

To test the Info Sheet for your Bot, first:

  1. Double check the the Info Sheet Output Option is enabled and that the Bot is Published.

  2. Click the 'Start' button for your Bot and then complete the Interview,

  3. Once you have completed the Interview you will be able to download the Info Sheet that has been generated for your Interview:

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