You can customise who receives email notifications for each of your bots.

By default, the email addresses you have provided in your Organisation Settings receive all notification emails for your bots.

Setting a specific email address for a bots notifications

With the "Alternate Notification Email(s)" feature you can customise who receives notifications per bot. This can be done within the 'Publishing' tab of each bot.

Adding an email

  1. Select the bot you would like to update.

  2. Navigate to the publishing tab.

  3. Under 'Notification options', enable Alternate Notification Email(s).

  4. Enter either a single email or a comma separated list of emails.

Who receives notifications when an alternate email is set

Setting an alternate email will only send the bots notifications to this email (or emails).

The email addresses in your Organisation Settings will no longer receive the notifications unless they are also entered as an alternate email. 

You can enter as many comma-separated email addresses as you like.

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