Being able to create multiple tools from a single feature is key to maximizing efficiency in the authoring process.

The 'Quick Add' feature allows you to import your document's text into the editor, and also define the output type and style all in one go. What's more, you can also create your interview questions right here while you're at it!

To access Quick Add, click on the right hand side 'Clipboard' tool, and then click on the Quick Add tool.

The exciting options Quick Add presents cuts down your authoring time, enabling you to create bots faster. Let's explore these options.

Format your text using the bold, italics and underline options.

You can also add a link, or remove existing formatting.

Create a numbered paragraph using up to 5 levels of depth

Click on the '#' sign to reveal a drop down menu and select the level of depth you want to assign to your section point. 

Replace 'Section_Label' and 'Section_Text' with the desired text to create the Section Label and Section Text, respectively. Make sure to not remove the square brackets around 'Section_Label'!

Create a question with a single answer

Click on the question mark sign and create Question and Answer pair points right here in the Quick Add! 

Replace 'Question_Label', 'Question_Text', 'Answer_Label' and 'Answer_Text' with relevant text to create labels and values for these points.

Make sure to not remove the square brackets around 'Question_Label' and ''Answer_Label'.

It is also important to note that at this stage, we can only add one Answer at a time. Once imported, you can go back through and add additional questions.

Create a table

Create custom tables with ease using the Table icon. Click on the Table icon to reveal Insert and Delete options.

Click on the desired options to create rows and columns, insert desired text and apply custom formatting.

Create a paragraph point

Simply paste some text in the Quick Add box and leave as it is or apply formatting to create a paragraph point. 

Once you are satisfied with the contents of your Quick Add text box, don't forget to finally click on 'Submit' on the bottom right hand side of the box in order to create your new points 😁.

Have fun building your Bot using Quick Add!

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