When getting your bot live, there are different methods you can use to provide access that depend on what the bot does and how you want it to be used.

Below are the different options, our recommendation is to use Standalone or Modal Mode if you are able to, they provide the best overall experience to your clients.


  • Quick and easy to generate.

  • Private so only the clients who have the link can complete the bot.

  • Can easily be added to an email


  • The link has to be sent in an email and can't be accessed on your website or found online.

2. Standalone Mode


  • Can be added to your website as a link for clients to find and access.

  • Like the Private Access Link it can also be shared in an email.

  • Allows you to add your logo and brand to personalise.

  • Allows for clients to re-access interviews.


  • Doesn't sit on your own domain and you can't control the design beyond style settings.

3. Embedding


  • Simplest to add to your website.

  • Sits under your own domain and brand.

  • Allows you to control the style around the frame.


  • Not mobile friendly.

  • Can add double scroll bars to your website.

4. Modal Mode


  • Delivers the best on website experience to your clients.

  • Mobile-friendly.

  • You can control the design and style of the landing page.


  • Has more setup required vs Embedding which may require a web developer.

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