You can have a link to your terms in your interview so the user has to confirm they have read/accepted your terms. There are a couple of options:

1. Inside your Bot we have an information screen (i.e. a screen that comes up at the start of the interview), the screen will have a link to your terms of use document. This could be a pdf document, or a link to a page on your website that has your terms of use. Then there is a question that asks the user to confirm they have read and accepted your terms of use.

If they select 'yes' then the interview proceeds. If the user selects 'no' then the user will be taken to another screen that says they are not able to proceed with the interview unless and until they confirm receipt and understanding of the terms of use.

With regard to payment, you can have your bot set to 'withhold output' so that the document produced from the interview goes to you and does not get sent to the client that did the interview until they have paid. This way, the client will have confirmed receipt and understanding of your terms of use AND paid before they receive the document.

We can set this up for you as it will be inside the Bot.

2. You have the Bot embedded on your website and there is a pop up with a link to your terms. This would need to be set up by your web developer, so if you want to go with this option then I suggest engaging with them.

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