You can insert Instruction points into your flow to assist your customer during the interview by providing a bit of additional information.

To add an Instruction point simply:

  1. Click on the point in the flow immediately before where you want the Instruction point to come;

  2. Click the grey plus sign on the right of the point to open up the 'add' tab; 

  3. Press the grey 'output' button; then

  4. Click the grey 'instruction' button.

Once the Instruction point is inserted in the flow, just click on its central pencil sign to add the text you want to include in the Instruction point.

You can also add Instruction points to the left of a point in your flow in the reverse manner to the steps above. If you want to add an Instruction before an existing point, just click the plus sign on the left of that point followed by the output button, then the Instruction button.

Bear in mind, Instruction points only appear in the interview, they never appear in the document output. 

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