Packs are probably the most difficult Automio tool to wrap your head around. But don't worry we are here to help! 

So, what is the "Pack" symbol in your editor tool? 

Packs are essentially flows within flows. They are designed to collect information and they are especially good at collecting multiple pieces of information in one go. 

The best way to think of a Pack is as a group of questions that you can ask over and over again. 

When do I need to use a pack?
An example of when you may want to use a Pack is if you were asking about about the first party to a transaction:

You may need to ask the names, towns of residence and occupations of each person. If you used the question and answer tool to do this it would only allow you to find out about one of the people involved when there may be multiple. The Pack on the other hand allows you to ask the same group of questions over and over again for all of people involved. 

So now we know Packs collect information. But how do I get this information out from the pack? 

This is what the pack reference button is for. If you click on the Pack symbol it will bring up two items:  

The Reference button lets you reference any Pack that you have used in the flow and allows you to pull the information out from it. 

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