Creating a Pack is easy. You set up the question and answer Points the same way as any other question BUT once you are sitting on the Question Point that you have just created you will see two Pack icons select the one on the LEFT hand side. This will "Pack up" your question. 

 You are now in your new Pack!!! 

Every Pack starts with an Instruction Point. In the animation above you can see this Instruction Point labelled "Untitled Pack". You can enter whatever you want in here (i.e you can explain to the Client what the Pack will ask) or you can just rename it and leave it blank. You can add as many questions as you want inside the Pack.

Here's an example of a simple Pack asking some questions about the first party to a transaction:

If there is more than one "first party" the Client will be able to add another and go through the same questions again. 

Now you want to get back to your main Flow, to do this click the back button shown below:

This will take you back into your Flow where you will find your newly created Pack!

When you select your Pack, you will see the screen shown in the picture below. This is where you can name your Pack, decide how many answers can be given and get back into the Pack to edit it. 

Hopefully, you will now be able to create a Pack! The next step is being able to use the information that you have collected from the Pack

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