Great, you now know what a Pack is and how to create one!

The next step is to use the information that you have collected from your Pack. To be able to get the information out of the Pack you need to reference it so Automio knows what information you are referring to.  To do this you need to add what's called a Pack Reference

To add a Pack Reference select the Pack icon on the right hand side. It should come up with two options; Pack and Reference, you want to select the Reference point. Once you select this every Pack that you have created will come up on the right of the screen, select which Pack you want to refer to. In the animation below we want to select the "First party" Pack

Your Flow will now look something like this:

When you create a Pack Reference all the questions from your Pack will automatically appear. 

When the Pack questions are in a straight line:
A general rule of thumb is if the questions are in a straight line (like above) you can Bomb (delete) them. You do not need these questions. 

Two Branches come out of your Pack Reference these are, "repeat for each" and "continue after".

In this case I want my Output to look like this: 

To create this I need to add a Paragraph Point on the "repeat for each" Branch. Then I need to put the information I want in the Output into the Paragraph. You can add the answer Tokens from the Pack by selecting your Pack on the left hand side, a drop down section will appear with all your Pack Tokens. This is shown in the animation below. 

Since the Paragraph is on the 'repeat for each' branch Automio knows it must create a paragraph for each answer that the Client has given in the Pack. So one Paragraph Point creates the result above! In this case the user has added four different people so Automio has created four different paragraphs. 

When you have completed your Output on the 'repeat for each' Branch you just continue your document as usual on the 'Continue after' Branch, you do not need to Jump to the continue after Branch.

When the Pack has Branches:

NOTE: This part of the article is for when you have Branches in your Pack and want to create different Outputs depending on these answers. 


  1. The questions in your Pack are not in a straight line; and

  2. you want to create a different Output depending on which Branch is selected in the Interview by the Client.

Then you will need to keep the questions that are automatically created when a Pack Reference is made.  

These are preset reference questions that refer to the answers in your Pack. This means you can create different Output for different branches as you would normally do after a multi-choice question. 

Automio knows which Branch to go down and which text to use, depending on the Client's answers.  So the Output will be decided on the choices that the user makes during the interview. The Pack will still go down the 'repeat for each' Branch, for each Pack answer (in this example, it is for each 'first party') BUT some answers may allow for the 'occupation text' while others may allow for the "retired text" as shown above depending on whether the user said the party was retired or not. 

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