Themes allow you to add your preferred style to the document your bot creates. This includes font, font size, margins, logo size, add headers/footers and page numbers to your Word output.

How to find the theme menu

The themes menu can be found under the settings tab:

  1. Begin by clicking your name in the top right hand corner.

  2. Then select Settings.

  3. Then select your Organisations name.

  4. Lastly, choose Themes.

Once you have selected 'Themes' you will see this screen:

How to create a theme

To add your own theme select 'CREATE A NEW THEME'. You will then be able to edit the theme settings.

Theme Settings

Under theme settings you can:

  • Give your theme a name so you can easily identify it e.g. Letter theme or Standard theme

  • Change the font style, font size and font style. You can choose from the drop down list or add any font you want by selecting other.

  • Select your line spacing and page numbering preference.

  • Plus add a background image.

Select Your Margins Size

Here you can select what size margins and indentation you want (in centimeters).

What else?

How to apply a theme

Great you've created your personalised theme! Now you want to add it to your documents.

1. Head over to your dashboard, click the bot you would like to apply the theme to and select the 'publishing' tab. 

2. Once in the publishing tab make sure your bot has one of the purchase options selected:

3. Then select the output theme:

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