We are excited to announce the ability to include images in footers and headers! This means that you can include your logo (or any other image) in your document's headers and/or footers.

How? You ask. 

1. The first step is making sure your image is the right size and format: 

Size: The recommended image size is 775 x 50 px
Format: The image MUST be PNG if you use any other format the output for your document won't work. However keep watching this space - JPEG will soon be supported as well.

PRO TIP: We use Pixlr to resize our images (https://pixlr.com/). You can also use Pixlr to make your image appear smaller without changing the size from 775x50 px.

2. Upload your image:
You can access themes for your individual and/or your organisation under 'Settings'. This can be accessed from the drop down menu in the right hand corner. The 'Themes' tab can then be seen on the left hand menu. Please note, if you author under your organisation account you will need to create your theme under your organisation settings and vice versa. 

If you have never created a theme before you will see the 'Automio' theme as your default. You can select ''CREATE A NEW THEME" to make your own. 

Once you have done this you can customise a number of different settings for your document's output. This article is only going to focus on headers and footers. 

You will see something that looks like this: 

Here you can..

  1. Upload your image (don't worry if it looks funny in the box - it won't look like this in your document). 

  2. Choose whether to include the header on the first page of the document using the toggle. 

  3. Choose whether to show the image, text or turn the header off all together.

You can do the same for the footer settings. 

3. Apply the theme
Finally you can apply the them to your document! If you are unsure how to do this please read the second half of the article below: 

How to Create and Use a Theme

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