So, you have a pack and you want to know whether the user has entered one or more items so you can refer to this in the flow. For example, you have an executor pack and you want to know whether to say 'executor' or 'executors' and you don't want to ask the user how many executors they entered.

Here's how you can do this: 

Inside your pack reference's repeat for each branch create a question with two branches one labelled 'yes' with the value also being 'yes' and the other labelled 'no' also with the value 'no'. 

Inside the question point choose the value 'single' from the drop down menu (this will be under 'this reference'). 

Add a token point to the end of each branch. For this example we are going to label them both executor/executors. The token on the 'yes' branch will have the value executor as it is singular. The token on the 'no' branch will have the value executors as there is more than one.

On the 'continue after' branch you will need to create another question with two branches. You can label this however you want for this example i'm going to label the question "REF executor/executors". Now you need to choose the value executor/executors from the drop down menu. This will reference the tokens from your pack. Finally label and give your answer branches the value executor and executors. 

Now you can use the token "REF executor/executors" throughout your interview. The token will either say executor or executors depending on how many executors were entered into the pack.

Your finished structure should look something like this:

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