You can give your clients an engaging interview experience by delivering content in a video or image. This gives you even more flexibility to tailor the interview to your
target or create multiple options for how your client engages.

Both videos and images can be added to any instruction point or question.

Adding an image

1.  When creating a question or instruction, select 'Image' from the mode drop-down.
2. Click 'Upload Image' to be able to select an image saved on your device.

Adding a video

1.  When creating a question or instruction, select 'Video' from the mode drop-down.
2. Enter the video's URL into the supplied text field

What kind of videos are supported?

All videos are supported as long as they are hosted publicly through a video hosting service such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Please note that you will need to use an embedded link from your video hosting service. For example, on YouTube - select 'Share', then 'Embed' and copy the embed URL as shown below:

Best practices for creating videos

Below are a few best practices and ideas to try when creating your videos:

  • Keep your video short and to the point, so your clients continue to be engaged and move through the interview.

  • Put a face to your business to increase engagement and add the personal touch. Think about adding a welcome video to the start or your interview that is of you or one of your colleagues.

  • Use images or videos to aid the interview process. Think about places that it could speed up the client's ability to answer the question properly. For example, how your client can find the business registration number for another party.

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