The word Watermark usually conjures images of the word CONFIDENTIAL laid out diagonally behind the text of a document.  But clever Authors tap into the power of this feature to create compelling, branded backgrounds that readers instantly recognise.  That's why we call them Background Images, and you really should consider using them.

Word allows 2 such images in a document - one specific to the first page and the other for the rest.  This is because it is actually a part of the Header, and Word supports only First Page Header and the general Header.

So we have built Themes to let you easily tap into this awesome feature.

Simply upload your Background as a single Image 2100px wide by 2970px tall (PNG or JPG), and upload it to the Theme via the Background Image box in the Theme:

If you want it on every page, you are done!

If you want to supply a different one for the First Page, just make sure that you have ticked "Different First Page Settings", then untick "Use Main Background Image on First Page", and you will see "First Page Background Image", where you can upload another image of the same dimensions and type.

That's it!  Just make certain during TESTing that you check the output carefully to make sure that your Background does not interfere with the readability of the document.  Also consider the "Header from Top" and "Footer from Bottom" settings in conjunction with your Top and Bottom Margins to get the best result.

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