Nobody wants to make a Table of Contents by hand, so we've created a Special Token allowing you to do this with ease!

The format we use for this is:


ListNumber is the list you want to have a TOC for. 1 is the first list, 2 is the second list, etc). Most documents will likely only have one list.

Depth is from 1 - 3.
    1  will present Titles only
    2  will present Titles and First Level,
    3  will present Titles and First and Second level.

How to create:

Firstly, make a Paragraph point, and set the label to Table of Contents, ToC, or whatever makes sense to you.

If you want only the Top-Level Numbered Sections (Titles) included, then set your Paragraph Point's Body to:


If you want to also include 1st level Numbered Sections:


If you want to go even deeper and include 2nd level Numbered Sections:


That's it.  When you (or your client) opens the Word document you will see your Table of Contents where the Paragraph Point is. If you make any changes to the downloaded document you can also right click the Field and force it to Update the Table of Contents.

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