Engage with your customers using automated messages based on questions they have answered in the interview. This could be your own completion email, or prompting for another piece of work based on the questions that have been answered.

What do I need to begin?

  • A software that sits in the middle between Automio and the service you would like to connect to. This could either be custom-made, or built using a service such as Zapier.

  • An email system that can be connected into this middleware, Zapier supports both Gmail and Office365.

How do I get started?

In this article we will use Zapier as the middle-ware to send a completion email from our Gmail Account.

Please Note: This article does expect that you have used Zapier in a basic way before. If this is your first time using Zapier we recommend watching one of their webinars or getting in touch with us for further guidance.

1. Create an account on Zapier and click 'Make a Zap!'

2. In the initial trigger, choose 'Webhooks by Zapier'. There are no settings required in the 'Edit Options'

3. On the 'Test this Step' page copy the URL that has been generated and add it to the 'API POST to URL' field in your bots publishing tab

4. Run through a 'START' interview on the bot to send your first set of data to the 'Zap'. You should see your data in the 'Test This Step' tab on Zapier.

5. Click '+ Add a Step' on Zapier, then 'Action/Search' and find Gmail for the Action App. If you are using Office365 then select this here.

6. In the 'Choose Action' tab select 'Send Email', choose your account in the 'Choose Account' tab, if you don't see one there then connect the Gmail account you would like to send the emails from.

7. In the 'Edit Template' screen we want to use the values we get from the interview to set up the email. For the To: field select the email address for the interviewee, and in the Body: field create your message using any of the values from the Bot where necessary. For example:

8. Awesome, you should now be able to send a test email and then turn on your Zap for all future interviews. Give the interview another 'START' on Automio to test the whole Zap again.

As always, do reach out if you run into any trouble our friendly team are happy to help.

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