A legal bot can have infinite applications: it can be part of an online solution, it can speed-up internal drafting, or some combination of these.  The most impactful applications allow your Clients to serve themselves for at least part of the transaction, and the easiest way is to put the Interview directly in front of them.

How to share a bot

To set up sharing for your bot, go to the publishing tab:

Set the publishing settings so that the purchase options is set to 'Use this flow privately'.

Ensure 'Allow word document output' is selected and if you would not like your client to receive the created document automatically from Automio then select 'Withhold document output'.  This is important to remember when you are including legal advice as part of the product.

Publish the bot and select 'Allow private access by direct link' - this creates a link that your clients will be able to access. Copy the Direct link and send it to your client for them access.

Because the direct link is quite long, you can add this as a hyperlink in your message.

  1. If you are sending this to your client in an email, add your message such as:
    "Please click here and answer the questions to assist me with this matter"

  2. Select the words 'click here', or similar. 

  3. Press control+k on your keyboard (or a "chain link" button in your email software) and paste the Direct link. This will create a link over the words 'click here'. Such as:
    "Please click here and answer the questions to assist me with this matter"

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