Adding a logo to your document is a great way for your clients to easily identify your documents.

There are two steps to successfully adding a logo to your document.

Step 1

You will need to upload the logo image file through themes.


You can choose whether you want to show an image, text or no logo at all.

If you choose to show text instead of an image you can enter the text you want here.

Upload your logo in the image box. 

How to choose the width of your logo: 

1. Find out what size you want your logo to be - Make the image the size you want on Word and view the size (double clicking on the image will bring up the box shown below, in the right hand corner). Write down the width size. 

2. Find out the total width available for your logo. You can so this by taking away the size of your left and right margins from the width of an A4 document (20.94cm).

3. Now you need to divide the width you want (the number from step one) by the width available (the number from step 2). This will give you the width percentage that you want to use. 

4. Apply this width percentage using the toggle bar. 

Step 2

You will need to create a logo special token inside your flow.

To do this, create a paragraph point at the spot where you want to logo image to be placed.

Inside the point, insert the following text and save your changes:


The logo image you uploaded in Step 1 will be applied to the spot where the paragraph point in Step 2 was created.

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