It only takes a few minutes to embed a Bot on your website. Once installed, your Clients and Potential Clients will be able to interact with and purchase your Bot

First, login to your dashboard, then navigate to the Bot you would like to embed.

Click on the Bots Publishing Tab and ensure you have it set to published as "Sell this flow". If you would like the Bot to be free then set it's price to $0.

To get the embed link scroll down the Publishing Tab until you see the three links. Copy the 'Embedded' link.

Our embed link's use an iframe which means they should work on any website. You will need to have access to your CMS (Content Management System) such as Wordpress, Wix or Squarespace to continue.


  1. Create a new page, or navigate to the page you would like the Bot to be displayed on. 

  2. Select the Text mode for the page editor.

  3. Paste the embed link into the text mode. If you are adding this to an existing page then paste it in between the content where you would like it to appear.

Click 'Preview' to see what your page will look like or 'Publish' to make it live.

IMPORTANT: If the frame is being cut short like below then you will need to explicitly set the iframe height.
To do this find the height="100%" value in the iframe code you pasted and replace it with height="500px".
Depending on your description length, you may need to increase this value to (for example) 600px.

Now you can share the link to this page with your Clients and Potential Clients and they will be able to purchase and use your Bot. 

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