What are Jumps?

Jumps are a really handy Automio feature. As your interview proceeds from the left to the right, you'll start branching off and find that you will need to re-join the "main-path" of your interview. Jump allows you to jump from one Point to any other Point (as long as it is not in a Pack or a Pack Loop).  This means that you can include only those Points you want, and skip over any number of others.

Jumps are a really easy feature to master. When you click on the yellow symbol that has a rocketship, you will be asked:

Now, click on the point you want to jump to - it could be a Question or an Output point such as an Instruction or Paragraph.

Click the green tick to complete the Jump. Easy!

Your completed jump will look like this:

Re-Target Jumps

If you land your Jump on the wrong point the good news is you don’t need to delete the Jump, you can simply edit it like any other point.


Click on the Jump you want to re-target. You will see the label of the point where the Jump is currently landing (at the bottom of the screen).

Now click again on the yellow Jump symbol.

The text at the bottom of the screen will change to say:

Click on the new target (the point you want to jump to).

Now your Jump has been re-targeted.

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