Themes allow you to set Font and Font Size across a document, which is really great for consistency. You may want to use a font that is on the drop down list, or, you may want to use a font that is not on the list. 

If you have not yet created a theme for your document, you may want to start here: How to Create a Theme.

How to select your font

The themes menu can be found under the settings tab:

  1. Begin by clicking your name in the top right hand corner.

  2. Then select Settings.

  3. Then select your Organisations name.

  4. Next, choose Themes.

  5. Here you will see your previous created Themes and you can click Edit and you will see the font menu

  6. If you do want a font that is not on the list, click Other.

A field will appear that says "Other Font". Click into this field and type in the name of your chosen font, e.g. cambria.
Automio is able to build your document with any of the standard fonts you find within Word.

You font has now been added to your theme.

Happy customising!

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