Automio Bots that are made for Australian jurisdiction

Below are a list of the Bots that are available to our Australian subscribers:

All States:



Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA)

Appointment of Enduring Guardian

Consulting Services Agreement


Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) - Long Form (Australia, Queensland)

Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) - Short Form (Australia, Queensland)

New Zealand

Automio Bots that are made for New Zealand jurisdiction

Below are a list of the Bots that are available to our New Zealand subscribers:

Advance Directive
Agreement for Sale of Property to Trust
Basic Memorandum of Wishes
Certificate of Non-Revocation of Power of Attorney

Change of Trustee Deed and Resolutions
Child Support Agreement
Confidentiality Agreement
Contract for Services
Deed of Acknowledgment of Debt
Deed of Gift
Deed of Nomination
Director Resolutions
Employment Agreement
General Trust Resolutions
Letter of Demand
Letter of Denial

Letter Terminating Employment Under 90 Day Trial
One Party Dissolution Pack
Opening Minutes of Trust
Power of Attorney and Deed of Delegation
Relationship Property Agreement
Resolutions of Annual Trust Meeting

Resolutions for Changing Trustee
Separation Agreement
Sexual Harrassment Policy
Shareholder's Resolution to Major Transaction
Statutory Demand

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