Whether you are using your bots internally in your business or selling them to end customers, once you've done the hard work of automating the document you'll want to get it published into the Marketplace.

Get started:

In the Automio dashboard, hover over the bot you've been working on (if you've only just created it, it's likely to be called "Untitled"). Hovering over it will grey out the square and bring up a few options - there's a pencil to edit the flow, and play button to test the flow, and a drop-down arrow to bring up the details screen. Click on that arrow.
Once in this screen, you'll see three tabs down the bottom: Overview, Details, and Publishing. Details and Publishing are the key screens to deal with.



This is where you can type in the name of your document as you would like it to be seen by others.


In this box, you can type in a short overview of what the document is without going into too much detail. The summary, along with the title, will be shown when the bot is hovered over from  now on.


This is your space to go to town on describing what the document is. We recommend you:

  • Expand on the overview given in your summary;

  • Describe who this document is intended for;

  • Note any limitations of the bot, and any situations it may be inappropriate for;

  • Give an estimate of the length of time it will take to complete the interview.


Make your Marketplace look awesome by uploading beautiful images to represent your bots! We recommend using open source image sites such as Pexels or Pixabay to find your images.
Images should be 500 pixels wide and in either JPEG or PNG format. You can use the fab online photo editing tool Pixlr to resize your images if they are too large.


The first thing to do in the publishing tab is decide on how you want your bot to be used. This can be in one of three ways:

  1. 'Use this flow privately' allows users of your organisation to use the document internally, without being available for others to purchase.

  2. 'Sell this flow' is for when you want your flow to be made available for customers to purchase in your store.

  3. 'Allow resale of this flow' lets you set a wholesale price for the flow, meaning other organisations can sell your document to their own customers with their custom labelling on it, but you're the one making bank. Sweet!

Setting a price:

If you choose to sell or allow resale of your bot, you will see a box where you can set the price of your document. This breaks it down to show you the 15% commission and any platform fee that will be taken by Automio for every sale, and how much money will end up in your organisation's wallet. You can play around with this screen until you are happy with the figures set.

Output options:

In this section, you can choose whether the end document once purchased will be made available to the customer in HTML format or as a downloadable word document.

Publishing options:

Once you are happy with your price, clicking on 'publish this flow' will lock the price in place and will make the bot available for purchase through your store. You can direct your customers to your store to find the documents they need. Note that if you want to change your prices, you need to unpublish the flow first.

'Feature this flow' can be ticked if you want the document to appear in the first row of featured documents in your store.

Once you have published your flow, you will see a box appear which says 'Make this flow discoverable on the Automio public marketplace'. If you are happy for random people to find and use your bot, you can tick this and your document will become searchable in the wider marketplace.

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