To add or remove a team member, begin by navigating to your Organisation's people page. You can click here to go directly to your settings page, then select your Organisation and people, or navigate there with the instructions below.

Add a team member

1. Select your name in the top right menu and then Settings.

2.Choose your Organisation from the left and then People.

3. At the bottom of the People page you can invite a member to your organisation by entering their username or email address.

How does my team member gain access

If you entered in their email address they will receive an email that allows them to create an account and set up their password. They will then have access to your organisation.

Existing users, added by their username will have immediate access.

What do the different roles do

  • Member - provides access so they can run interviews on the bots in your organisation and also access the history section.

  • Author - has the same privileges as member, however, they can edit the bot flow (the points containing the interview and output).

  • Owner - has full access over the account. On top of being an author they can also modify who is in the Organisation (the people tab) and the billing details.

Remove a team member

You can remove a team member from the People page also. Just click the 'x' to the right of their name. Removed team members are not deleted from Automio, but will not be visible within your Organisation or be able to access your Bots.

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